Campus To Corporate Engagement

Bridging Campus To Corporate

How Campus To Corporate Engagement Platform works?

  • SquaREcruit’s Campus to Corporate Engagement Platform bridges the gap in the campus hiring process.
  • It offers enhanced campus placement and seamless hiring experience for Corporate.
  • Training and Placement Officers (TPOs) can significantly control the campus hiring process by adding multiple clients/managers in SquaREcruit and offering an end-to- end hiring process, including Video interviewing with their clients.
  • They can also record proper feedback on all interviews, which can help in increasing their placement ratio.


Adding multiple client's Stakeholders

  • TPOs can add multiple clients and their interviewing managers in SquaREcruit, enabling secured login access to initiate Campus hiring process.
  • Client managers can add requisitions for trainees/interns/ any other role, and with automated workflows, all roles are shared with TPOs seamlessly.
  • Client interviewers can be included in the interview scheduling process and subsequent Video interviewing.

Job publishing to Students and receiving applications

  • TPOs can easily publish jobs to all students from SquaREcruit.
  • Our candidate engagement platform allows all students apply to published roles via secured logins.
  • With various assessment features in SquaREcruit, TPOs can shortlist students for roles and share resumes with Client managers for evaluation.
  • With in-built Document Management System, TPOs can manage student's various testimonials in SquaREcruit.

How Campus To Corporate Engagement Platform is helping our clients

Improve Quality



Improve Quality of Hiring Process

Time Saver



Time Saver


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