Onboarding And Offer Management

End To End Hiring Process Digitalization


Connecting all stakeholders in the hiring process

  • The hiring process involves participation of various stakeholders, either internal members like Hiring Managers, BU Heads, Interviewers, and HR or external members like Recruitment Partners and candidates.
  • SquaREcruit offers a single platform for all internal and external members of the hiring process with a seamless hiring experience and automated & continuous status updates.
  • With dynamic and flexible workflow management, users can define their own workflows for evaluation and approvals
  • SquaREcruit also offers Rule-based approval workflows which get triggered in particular scenarios.

Salary Calculations and Offer Management

  • Clients can incorporate their salary calculation methodologies in SquaREcruit’s Salary Calculator and generate salary charts.
  • With multiple offer template management, the client can now use or create multiple offer templates in SquaREcruit.
  • Secured Offer letters can be generated as required in word or pdf formats.
  • Multi-level Offer approval process can be triggered as per the defined rule.

Candidate On-boarding

  • SquaREcruit offers candidate inclusive process which allows candidates to securely log in and perform various task from application to joining.
  • With close communication with candidates, Recruiters can manage onboarding formalities before joining.
  • SquaREcruit’s document management system streamlines the document request and submission process between Recruiters and Candidates.
  • Close system-driven communication also helps reduce ghosting and disappearance during the hiring process.

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