Candidate Inclusive Solution

Reduce Ghosting And Disappearances Of Candidates


Candidate Login

  • With connected product SquaREhike which is a candidate portal, clients can communicate with candidate secured within the system.
  • Starting from inviting candidate to apply for the role till onboarding, entire communication is done in the system giving Recruiters larger control on candidate's joining.

Quick communication between Recruiters and Candidates

  • Candidates can inform clients Quickly in the system if they are not interested in the role or want to reschedule / cancel interview or not joining.
  • Similarly, during the Recruiters can update in the system if the position is on hold or candidates are not found suitable and quick notifications are received in candidate’s dashboard.
  • Early communication from candidate and recruiters builds brand value and reduces ghosting by both parties.

Onboarding Formalities

  • Offer acceptance till date of joining is a very crucial period for both parties and Recruiters can communicate closely with candidates and perform any onboarding procedures within the system.
  • Exchanging documentation, background verification procedures and contract signing can be done seamlessly.

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