Intelligent Career Elevator

Achieve Unimaginable Goals By Breaking Barriers And Grow Beyond Limitations

How Intelligent Career Elevator works?

  • SquaREhike helps you grow beyond your abilities. It’s a place that enhances your career bringing your natural skills and interests in a limelight. Want to grow in your life holistically? Get the help from experts around the industry and make unimaginable happen. Find out more about SquaREhike.


Get a New Hiring Experience

  • Focus more on your strengths and get hired at a deserving place. SquaREhike has a technologically advanced system that brings you an experience of career enhancement you have never imagined. It’s a fusion of various systems available for both candidates and recruiters. You get an end-to-end holistic solution to hire and get hired. It ends your job search at the right time and right place.
  • Our inclusive system brings you the facilitation of bots, machines, and intelligence to cut down your efforts and time. Whether you are a millennial or experience-rich candidate looking for a new workplace? We can help you change it at your convenience.


To Enhance Your Career

  • Intelligent BOTs are here to guide you when you are stuck in your career. Often felt a glitch in your career or workstyle? Need a new place to make your abilities shine more? SquaREhike’s bots are intelligent enough to suggest you proper steering when you lose direction. Our BOTs understand your skills, strengths, and soft corners when it comes to suggesting you job opportunities that match your style and interests.
  • Our BOTs talk to you like a friend while suggesting to you various personalized opportunities where you can work the way you desire. SquaREhike’s bot-based career guidance is available for exclusive members willing to shine brighter than the competition out there. Be your own competition. Start your journey to the career in your dreams with SquaREhike.


Get Specific Advice

  • Moving your career forward is easy when you have someone on your side. Want to develop & improve your skills? Get ready to learn from coaches, trainers, and consultants from the leading industries. SquaREhike is here to help you grow professionally. Career Mentoring from is a unique platform to get rid of your fears and build yourself to face the new-age competition.
  • Mentors assist you with learning and create explicit abilities and knowledge. Get a direction to set the point, the movement, the objectives, and the learning technique. Career specialists generally work with people on the job transitions, instead of helping you brush up your skills when in a specific role.


Get Equipped with New Technologies

  • Tired of managing your training record and certification history? Now get a full record of your goals, achievements, and training courses in one place. SquaREhike brings you a one stop solution to manage the way you soar new heights in your career.
  • Online training & certification services are a series of courses planned by industry pioneers, top universities, and leading organizations to construct and improve critical skills and professional excellence. Stick out and succeed at work. Want to know more about how you can unlock and manage your achievements with SquaREhike?