BoT - Buddy – Career Guidance

Enhance Your Career

How SquaREcruit BoT - Buddy – Career Guidance works?

  • Intelligent BoTs are here to guide when you are stuck in your career.
  • BoT understand the gap and any support you may need to progress faster to achieve your goals.
  • Like your real Buddy, BoT-Buddy will be with you and help you navigate while you achieve your milestones.


Understand your skills, strengths, and goals

  • Based on your past and current experience and goals, BoT can suggest various pathways.
  • Identify gaps, BoT can suggest necessary training, job change or certification you may need to bridge the gap.

Buddy supports all the way

  • Once you choose the pathway to proceed, Buddy supports and guides you all the way till you achieve your set goal.
  • Get help of buddy to enhance your career.

How SquaREcruit BoT - Buddy – Career Guidance is helping our clients

Quality Of Hiring Process



Improve Quality of Hiring Process

Time Saving



Time Saving for Stakeholders


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