Video Interviewing

Innovative In-Built Video Interviewing

How SquaREcruit Video Interviewing works?

  • SquaREcruit’s innovative in-built Video interviewing functionality with the split screen helps interviewers with all relevant information on one screen.
  • Interviewers can view the candidate’s resume and previous feedbacks in SquaREcruit while conducting a Video interview.
  • The recorded interview files are automatically attached to the candidate’s record for future reference.


Split Screen – All in One Screen

  • SquaREcruit’s innovative in-built Video interview offers a split screen, which allows interviewers to view all candidate information while conducting a Video interview.
  • Viewing the candidate’s Resume, any previous feedback, and capture feedback after conducting an interview can be completed easily.
  • Many other functionalities like share screens, add panel members, and recording benefit users.

Recording Video Interviews

  • Auto or manual recording for future access.
  • Recorded Videos are automatically get attached to the candidate's record.
  • Recorded interview Videos can be shared with 3 rd parties or clients.

How SquaREcruit Video Interviewing is helping our clients

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Video Interviewing



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