Employee Referrals

Employee Referral For Quality Hire

How SquaREcruit Employee Referrals works?

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  • SquaREcruit offers an employee referral system that can speed up the hiring process and increase quality of hires.
  • Recruiters can share positions with their employees, and employees can refer their friends / relatives who have matching skills for the role.
  • All referral candidates are properly tracked and tagged to the source employees.


Status Updates to Employees

  • Employees are updated o status of all referrals.
  • End to end transparency increases brand building and quicker hiring.
  • Employees can track the status in the dashboard.

Incentives and Rewards

  • Companies can offer various incentive schemes to enhance hiring with employee referrals.
  • Status and Source report gives a clear picture to Recruiters on referrals.

How SquaREcruit Employee Referrals is helping our clients

Time To Fill



Increase in Time to Fill

Quality Of Hire



Increase in Quality of Hire


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