Resume Management

Use Legacy Resumes Effectively

How SquaREcruit Resume Management works?

  • SquaREcruit resume storage facility helps clients to manage their resume database effectively.
  • Recruiters can now store and use legacy / old database in SquaREcruit and access and activate them with a few clicks.
  • Contact candidates quickly from the database with various tools like bulk emailing, BoT based assessment saving time of recruiters and closing positions faster keeping cost / hire low.


Store Resume database on cloud for easy access to all

  • Recruiters can now have their centralised cloud based storge of resumes accessible to all recruiters.
  • Recruiters can have multiple ways to upload resumes in centralised storage.
  • Shared database gives access to much larger pool of candidate to recruiter and helps to close positions quicker.
  • Increase the pool of resumes as you invite and process ongoing candidates.

Smart Duplication Check and candidate history

  • Duplicate check helps to analyse original source of candidate as recruiters use multiple sources.
  • Easy access to candidate history of prior application process to make informed decision on candidates.

How SquaREcruit Resume Management is helping our clients

Usability of Legacy Database



Increase in Usability of Legacy Database




Increase in Applications


Happy clients say about SquaREcruit

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