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This is What SquaREcruit is…
SquaREcruit is SaaS-based recruitment & talent management system with an in-depth process framework that covers Application Tracking, Vendor & Client Management, AI & Chatbot based validation, interview scheduling, and management, real-time alerts, and notifications.
SquaREcruit is a 360-Degree recruitment management software to connect multiple clients and partners seamlessly and keeps all stakeholders well informed and more productive.

With Enterprise Grade Smart Recruitment Software, SquaREcruit becomes your friendly partner in transforming your hiring experience..

Why Us
We are changing the game but we don’t brag about it

Out of so many talent management solutions, you will come across there are only a few reasons to choose SquaREcruit and get complete peace of mind. SquaREcruit positions you to ultimately combine the compelling advantages of AI without missing the importance of the human touch. SquaREcruit’s AI algorithms help you identify candidates faster than your competition. Personalized messaging frees you from being a ghost towards your prospects. Now build high-quality pipelines that are ready to move. Interview your perfect fits with video interviewing features hasslefree.

A Strong Combination

SquaREcruit is a unique mixture of different features making it a unified recruitment software for enterprises and staffing/recruitment firms. It lets you communicate with end clients, vendors, sub-vendors, and candidates all at one place.

Elevated Talent Discovery

Get your candidate database to use with SquaREcruit and save cost & time while creating a smart candidate brand. Enable recruiters and enterprises to hunt great candidates from their own databases.

Talent Acquisition Streamlined

Start recruiting intelligently and put into a diligently crafted workflow for an end to end talent acquisition. Imagine your current ATS on steroids. How it will work out? SquaREcruit brings your acquisition to competition and makes it win.

System full of AI & BOTs

Easily enhance your HRMS by easy integration offered by SquaREcruit and reduce your dependency on job boards. Use resume parsing to get better AI-based recommendations and get BOTs to your rescue to overlay real-world information & make better decisions about talent.

Multi-Entity Collaborator

SquaREcruit’s multi-entity collaboration actively helps you in creating a healthy ecosystem within the recruitment space by connecting multiple clients & vendors at the same time seamlessly. Size and number don’t matter. We focus on your needs.

360-Degree Automation

Automation capabilities of SquREcruit are spread in every direction of your recruitment flight. The convergence of multiple stakeholders offers a unified view across your recruitment lifecycle. Save yourself some time and get those interviews done.

Unique Interview Solution

SquaREcruit not just handles identifying and screening tasks for you, but lets your interview them personally using easy to use video interviewing features including state of the art capabilities. Everything under a secure umbrella!