Insights To Enable High Performance

How SquaREcruit Analytics works?

  • SquaREcruit offers various insights to help recruitment teams to enhance their performance.
  • Reports and Analytics are one of the key offerings of SquaREcruit.
  • Easy access to Analytics and Reports on Dashboard for all stakeholders.


Dashboard Analytics

  • Real-time data is available for stakeholders to analyse status and take necessary decisions.
  • View candidates in various stages of evaluation and identify any bottlenecks.
  • Quick access to aging and TAT for various roles.


  • SquaREcruit offers 25 + Reports for various stakeholders which are easily accessible.
  • Reports can be filtered as per users need and can be downloaded in various formats.

How SquaREcruit Analytics is helping our clients

Recruiting Efforts



Improve the recruiting efforts by 2x

Time For Hire



Reduction in Time for Hire


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