High Volume Recruiting

Bulk Hiring Without Worrying About Volume


Bulk Emailing of Job to candidates

  • SquaREcruit offers centralized legacy resume storage space allowing users to store thousands of resumes in the system.
  • The system automatically checks the centralized database for any new requisition and shows the matching resume count on the dashboard.
  • Recruiters can send the Job description to hundreds of matching candidates with the help of SquaREcruit’s bulk emailing tool.

Walk-In Interview Management

  • Collect and manage large applications during any walk-in events seamlessly in SquaREcruit.
  • Applications can be submitted via QR code.
  • A structured and planned evaluation process automatically processes bulk applications between various evaluation managers and panel members.
  • SquaREcruit uses round robin method for allocating the volume of candidates with various evaluation managers systematically.

Candidate Screening and Assessment

  • Screening and assessing hundreds of applications is a daunting task and requires a lot of efforts and time.
  • SquaREcruit’s BoTs for screening and assessment can help with automated process to screen and assess hundreds of applications.
  • Define your assessment tests, whether it is technical or non-technical. Dynamic BoT questionnaire creation can enable flexibility in defining the requirement.
  • With AI-based BoT, can automatically assess answers and quality as per the defined parameters.

Interview Scheduling

  • Scheduling and rescheduling are humongous activities for recruiters. On an average 4 out of 10 scheduled interviews are rescheduled or cancelled.
  • SquaREcruit’s Interview Scheduler is an innovative feature that allows Recruiters to schedule single or multiple candidates’ interviews with a few clicks.
  • Automated Interview scheduling also synced with Interviewer's calendar.

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