Multi-Level Client - Vendor Collaboration

360 Degree Connectivity To Engage With Your Clients And Vendors


Vendor Management System

  • SquaREcruit offers Vendor connectivity which allows sharing requisitions with Vendors, and Vendors can share suitable resumes with clients.
  • From receiving application to on-boarding candidates, all task are seamlessly done with real-time updates to all parties.

Connected Architecture to help multi-level communication

  • SquaREcruit’s connected architecture enables clients to connect 3rd parties who are part of the hiring process, like end clients, Recruiter partners, or Colleges / Universities.
  • Similarly, clients from other segments like Recruitment & staffing firms or Colleges / Universities can connect their end clients and affiliated partners to have a seamless hiring experience.

Status update and document sharing

  • During hiring processes, updating all parties on status is time consuming activity.
  • SquaREcruit offers real-time status updates to all connected parties.
  • Documents and Videos can be shared within your connected parties for a faster process.

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