BoT – Email Tracker

Scans And Redirects 100s Of Email Applications

How SquaREcruit BoT – Email Tracker works?

Are you receiving 100's of Applications in one Email Id ?

Have No Time to Filter suitable applications ?

  • SquaREcruit’s BoT email tracker is here to help you manage your email applications.
  • BoT scans and redirects all applications quickly against job in ATS.
  • All email resumes are seamlessly parsed, and all information is available to Recruiters easily in the ATS.
  • Saves 70-90% of Recruiter's time.


Scan all applications received in email

  • BoT scans and redirects applications to respective requisitions and ATS. No need for recruiter to check emails applications manually.
  • All redirected applications are further filtered as per % relevance functionality in ATS to give top 10% fit candidates saving plenty of Recruiter's time.

Parsed Resumes and data population

  • All applications and resumes are parsed in ATS and necessary information is prepopulated in ATS for Recruiters’ ready reference.
  • Manage source effectiveness with proper reports.

How SquaREcruit BoT – Email Tracker is helping our clients

Time Saving



Recruiters time is saved by using BoT - Email tracker


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