BoT – Interview Scheduling

Schedule Multiple Candidate's Interviews Quickly

How BoT – Interview Scheduling works?

  • SquaREcruit’s BoT can schedule multiple candidates interviews with interviewers automatically.
  • Use hassle free interview scheduler with save Recruiter's time to schedule / reschedule interviews.
  • Scheduled interviews are synced with user's and candidate's calendar.


Pick Suitable Slots

  • Recruiter can pick interviewer’s suitable slots while enabling BoT to schedule interviews.
  • Interview scheduling can be linked to assessment to have complete process management with BoT.

Sync Calendar for Interviewers and Candidates

  • Scheduled interviews are synced with interviewers and candidate's calendar
  • Single click for cancelling and re-scheduling interviews.

How BoT – Interview Scheduling is helping our clients

BoT - Interview Scheduling



Recruiters time is saved by using BoT Based Interview Scheduling

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