BoT – Candidate Assessment

Automate Candidate Screening

How BoT - Candidate Assesment works?

  • SquaREcruit introduces end-to-end BoT-based screening to save time.
  • BoT acts as a Virtual Recruiter and can perform multiple activities, from sourcing to assessment.
  • BoT completes assessments by communicating with candidates via multiple channels, such as email and WhatsApp, and completes the assessment as defined by client specifications.


Assessment Questionnaire

  • Recruiters can use questionnaire templates to formulate the assessment questions with multiple choice answers.
  • Questionnaire also allows recording the right answer to enable auto screening without manual intervention of recruiter.
  • Recruiters can define qualifying score to filter candidates based on the answers.

Application with BoT Questionnaire

  • On successful assessment, all applications are received in SquaREcruit ATS for further evaluation.
  • A seamless process saves a lot of time of Recruiters.

How BoT – Candidate Assessment is helping our clients

BoT Based Screening



Recruiters time is saved by using BoT Based Screening

Candidates Response



Increase in response from Candidates


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