Recruitment is

no longer an

isolated activity

Recruitment is no longer an isolated activity

Experience SquaREcruit – Recruitment Automation Software with connected Architecture

Why SquaREcruit is different?

End to End Recruitment Automation

Intelligent and all in one recruitment platform. From requisition creation to onboarding, helps with faster hiring process.

Close and Multi-Tier Connectivity

Connect with your clients, recruitment partners and candidates seamlessly. Our multi entity connectivity functionality updates status automatically for users and saving a lot of time for everyone.

Candidate Engagement and Inclusivity

Invite candidate to apply for a job and engage with him till he joins organization. SquaREcruit’s candidate inclusive experience is reducing ghosting and increasing candidate joining ratio.

Impact of SquaREcruit on our Customers

Hiring Cost



Reduction in Cost to Hire

Recruiters Productivity



Increase in Recruiters Productivity

Time To Fill



Reduction in Time to Fill

Candidate Engagement



Increase in Candidate Response time

Few of our Clients

150+ SMEs and large Enterprises are using various SquaREcruit Products for hiring


Seamless Communication between all stakeholders

At SquaREcruit, we understand that communication is key to a successful business. That's why we offer a single platform that enables you to communicate with all stakeholders without the need for other mediums.

Whether you're looking for a new job, want to stay up-to-date on company news, or need to contact HR, our platform makes communication easy. Plus, our user-friendly interface makes it easy to find what you're looking for. Contact us today to learn more!

Automated Processes to bring satisfaction & engagement

The automated recruitment process has improved productivity, recruiter satisfaction, and personalized engagement. Automated recruitment tools allow recruiters to focus on more important tasks, while providing a more personalized experience for candidates.

Automated screening and selection tools help to improve the quality of recruits, while reducing the time to fill positions.

360-Degree Recruitment Process

A 360-degree recruitment process provides a complete view of the process with just a few clicks. This innovative approach offers an all-encompassing view of the entire process, from start to finish.

It's an ideal way to get a clear picture of what to expect and make the best decisions for your organization.

Enhanced Collaboration

Enhanced collaboration between all parties involved is helping create one healthy recruitment ecosystem. This improved ecosystem is benefiting both employers and job seekers by providing more opportunities and better-quality candidates.

By working together, we can continue to improve the recruitment process for everyone involved.

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