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SquaREcruit is a combination of AI, BOTs & Automation to give you a humanized recruitment solution to you Get a Demo Get a Demo
SquaREcruit is an online recruitment software with powerful Artificial Intelligence to make your hiring process more efficient and simpler. Powerful and self-learning BOTs in SquaREcruit focus on the candidate experience and improves the quality of their hires.
SquaREcruit is more than just an applicant tracking system, It has elements that will support your current ATS with more features which can be easily integrated into your current recruitment software.
SquaREcruit is a combination of human-like machines that act as matchmakers for you.
SquaREcruit is suitable for every team no matter the size of operations. We offer an extremely flexible solution that is adaptable to your needs and is created to scale as you grow. Choose from the very modular and competitive pricing plans.
Value Proposition
You need a 360-Degree Recruitment Management Software that strengthens you as a recruiter.

Meet SquaREcruit, a dynamic combination of human interface and machines.

It just takes a minute to type-in and post a job on job boards or social media, but, how does it go when you receive thousands of applications for the same post? Also, how does it support you when you shortlist 10s out of them and then interview them with your currently used recruitment software?
Seamless communication between all stakeholders
SquaREcruit offers a single platform that enables you to communicate with all stakeholders without the need for other mediums.

AI & BoT based search to improve productivity

With an aim to improve your productivity, SquaREcruit’s AI & BOT features minimize human intervention giving you a smart way to work.
Interview scheduler to bring more efficiency
Schedule your daily tasks and easy reminders. SquaREcruit’s interview scheduler enables you to manage your calendar efficiently.

Multi-party conferencing & interviewing platform

Meet multiple people at the same place. SquaREcruit's video conferencing and interviewing features lets you quickly handle interviews and record them for future references too
CV / attachment management
Get rid of managing multiple CV / attachments and maintain your data in a centralized cloud based model which can be accessed by all users.

Engage with SquaREhike

Engage better with candidates and build credibility with potential employees through candidate inclusive process. SquaREhike also helps candidates manage their careers.
Automated processes to bring satisfaction & engagement
Automated recruitment process improves productivity, recruiter satisfaction, and personalized engagement

360-degree recruitment process

360-degree recruitment process gives a complete view of the process at a few clicks
Enhanced collaboration
Enhanced collaboration between all parties involved helping create one healthy recruitment ecosystem
Experience the power of dynamic recruitment solution for your organization
Save time for value added work
Eliminating the manual tasks, dependency on job boards, filter out the irrelevant applications, and learn how to integrate your processes in just seconds.
Bring flexibility in operations
Stop dealing with every notification, email, excel sheet, noting, and appointments and bring a flexible approach in handling your tasks.
Improved cost per hire
Worried about hiring wrong and wasting initial costs? With SquaREcruit’s product features, bring your cost per hire down by up to 75 % per month.
Improved quality of hire
All our clients have seen improved quality of hire with SquaREcruit. Beat your competition by hiring quality people.
Improved communication
A strong interior makes a confident exterior. Improve internal communication as well as between your entities with SquaREcruit.
User friendly product
Worried about complexity of the system ? With SquaREcruit’s friendly and easy UI make users comfortable.